Privacy Policy

Please note: you should have no expectation of privacy when sending messages to your inbox.

Any message sent to can be read by any user.

Every inbox on is available to the public.

There are - by design - no security measures to sign into and view e-mail messages.

Do Not Send Sensitive Information to

Please do not send any information to that you would consider personal or private. This includes your home address, your phone number, or any other personal information. Even if you are constantly monitoring the inbox you gave to the third party website/app, it is extremely likely that someone else could be watching that inbox as well.

While it may be unlikely that someone can guess a random inbox, especially if you're using an inbox alias, there is no guarantee that other people don't have access to your e-mail messages. Please treat as if someone else were watching over your shoulder at all times. Inbox Aliases are Not Secure.

While inbox aliases are meant to be a layer of obfuscation to the real e-mail address in, you should be aware that the algorithm which converts from real addresses to inbox aliases, and vice versa, is public, and can be easily reverse engineered by a determined individual.

Inbox aliases are fine for sending random website/app e-mails to, but again, please do not send any private, personal, confidential messages to an inbox alias; it is extremely likely that someone can and will figure out the true inbox that the message is delivered to.

Connections to are Logged.

In order to help refine the service, all e-mail and web connections to are logged. is not designed to be completely anonymous and is not designed to be an alternative to a re-mailer. There are plenty of anonymous re-mailers available on the Internet; is not one of them.

The debugging and connection information that we log is helpful to us, but we cannot provide end users with any information about "what happened to my e-mail".

We Do Not Track our Visitors.

Finally, the only cookie we use is to keep track of the most recent inbox that you've visited. We do not track our users, nor do we use cookies to keep personal information. We do not collect any information about our end users beyond their e-mail and web connections to and only use our analytics pixel to collect aggregate data.